What is Careway?

Careway is the new name in pharmacy excellence – ready to deliver consistent, high levels of care in your community.

Careway pharmacies are in the heart of communities, working closely with GP and hospitals, providing expert advice, and supporting you close to home.

Visit a Careway pharmacy, and, without an appointment, you can access expert advice and treatment options for a range of common conditions, like eczema, asthma, diabetes and of course, flu.

You can take advantage of specialist in-store services – such as pain management and cholesterol screening; so you can keep a check on your own health and wellbeing

And you can speak, in complete confidence, with highly trained pharmacists about any concerns you, or your family, may have.

Not only that, at a Careway pharmacy, you can access the very best products, including a wide choice of health, wellbeing and independent living products.

And don’t forget your independent Careway pharmacy is still the very best place to

  • take your prescription
  • get your over the counter medicines
  • try new fine fragrances, skincare and beauty products
  • and much more.

Find your nearest Careway pharmacy

Please note that not all pharmacies offer all services.