Unique foot therapy from Allpresan®

If you have diabetes, keeping your feet in good condition is a priority

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, managing your foot care is incredibly important. That’s because minor skin problems can develop into serious infections, such as diabetic foot ulcers and even amputation.

Daily foot checks and daily foot care are essential, including an appropriate daily skincare regime to create a protective layer on the skin and replenish moisture.

Allpresan® Diabetic Foot Foam Creams offer the protection and moisture your feet need. They also treat the whole foot, including around wound edges and are unique as they can be used between the toes.

This is important because if the skin dries out it can lead to cracks, splits, hard skin, calluses and ulcers. And that means any part of the foot left untreated – especially between the toes – may be at risk of infection.

“Compliance can be a real issue for patients who have diabetes,” explains Michelle Score, a podiatrist at The Chiropody Surgery in Lymington, Hampshire. “So it’s very important that a foot cream is easy to use, non-­‐greasy and suitable for use on the whole foot including between the toes.”

Protection from heel to toe

Peter Musgrave, 73, from Hull, has Type 2 diabetes. Ten years ago, Peter had his left leg amputated, so he understands the importance of using a daily moisturising treatment to prevent any further problems.

“I’ve replaced the normal cream I’d been using for some years with Allpresan® Intensive,” says Peter. “It is my miracle cream, and I recommend it to everyone I know with diabetes. It’s so easy to use, and most importantly I can use it between my toes too.”

Allpresan® Diabetic Foot Foam Creams come in two strengths: Basic 5% and Intensive 10%. They may be available on prescription from your doctor or you can buy them at any Lloyds or independent pharmacy.

For more information, visit www.allpresan.uk.com or email info@neubourgpharma.com