Tips to get you walking more

Each year, the charity Living Streets celebrates National Walking Month throughout the month of May.

This year the charity is promoting its #TRY20 initiative, which encourages people to add an extra 20 minutes of walking to their daily routine. Walking an extra 20 minutes can bring benefits – you’ll burn more calories, feel fitter, improve your heart health and enjoy a mood boost, the charity claims.

To help get you on your feet more often, Living Streets has come up with the following tips:

Walk with friends and family A great way to spend quality time with loved ones, walking can make you all fitter. Try having a competition to see how many of you manage to take an extra 20-minute walk (#TRY20) every day throughout May.

Walk to work Even if you can’t walk all the way to work, try skipping a bus stop or park your car further away to get your 20 minutes of walking done before you start your working day.

Take the long cut Instead of always taking the shortest route possible, work out a longer way to get where you’re going – plan your journey and you’ll see things you wouldn’t normally see.

Hold walking meetings Instead of sitting around a table in a meeting room at the office, take the discussion outside by having a walking meeting. This will provide fresh air and a change of scenery, which may boost your energy and productivity.

Go further for lunch If you buy your sandwiches during your lunch break, be more adventurous and try a sandwich shop that’s further away from the office (at least 10 minutes’ walk away). Not only will you get your extra 20 minutes of walking, you could give your taste buds a treat too.

Organise a photo tour Plan a weekend walk and take your smartphone or camera to snap your local park, sunset or town centre. See how many hidden treasure you can find in your local area.

Have a family adventure If you have kids or grandkids, try having a family walking adventure at the weekend. Taking children with you can make you see walking differently – plus it will help to get you all in training for Walk to School Week (May 15 – 19) at the same time.

Go for a scavenger hunt Print out the Living Streets scavenger hunt sheet and go for a scavenger hunt in your lunch hour or after work – see how many of the things on the sheet you can spot in your local area.

Walk to the shops Instead of getting a week’s worth of shopping from the supermarket, take more regular trips to your local shops for meal ingredients. Carrying shopping home will also give your muscles a workout.

>Get romantic Instead of slouching in front of the TV with your partner, get outdoors and watch the sun set together to create the perfect end to your day.

Be prepared for the weather Don’t be put off walking if it’s raining. If you’re prepared you can still get in your daily 20 minutes, so stock up on waterproof clothing. Also keep some sunscreen in your bag or jacket incase the sun makes an appearance.

Always speak to your GP before starting a new exercise regime if you have a medical condition or if you haven’t been very active lately. Your local Careway pharmacist can also give you advice on walking – including how to treat blisters and other minor injuries you may get along the way.

Find your nearest Careway pharmacy by using our Pharmacy Finder.