How healthy are your eating habits?

A survey by BBC Good Food suggests many people in the UK have poor eating habits, with only 23 per cent of people getting the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Thirty-seven percent of people get an average of three or four portions a day, the survey suggests. But 20 percent of adults – around 10 million people – don’t have any fruit and veg, or only manage one portion daily.

The survey – which quizzed more than 5,000 British adults – also found that meal skipping is widespread, with 86 percent of people missing at least one main meal on a regular basis. Not eating regular meals could also account for the fact that 88 percent of those involved in the survey saying they snack between meals (according to the findings the most popular snack for men is crisps, with fruit the top snack overall).

On a more positive note, just over half of those who took part in the survey said they are reassessing the amount of sugar they eat, thanks largely to recent high-profile campaigns on the health risks of eating too many sweet foods.

But if the survey results are anything to go by, the main concern for people when buying food isn’t their health, but how much it costs, followed by taste, quality, fat content and sugar content.

“We increasingly seem to be a nation divided when it comes to health,” says BBC Good Food nutritionist Kerry Torrens.

“Most of us are not managing five a day. Although many are close to the amount recommended per day, a sizeable minority seem to be way off mark. However it is interesting that the high profile campaign on sugar – championed by campaign groups and Jamie Oliver – seems to have landed.”

The survey also asked people what they use when they’re feeling ill, with 31 percent reaching for foods rich in vitamin C. Other things people eat or drink when they’re poorly include water, honey, lemon or lemon drinks and garlic.

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