Five ways to beat end-of-summer blues

When summer comes to an end, the cooler weather and fewer hours of daylight can make your mood plummet. But thankfully there are ways of boosting your emotional wellbeing at this time of year.

Here are a few things you can do that may help make you feel lighter and brighter as the days become colder and shorter:

1. Learn to love the autumn   Instead of fretting about the things you miss about the summer, try making a list of what you could enjoy about the autumn – from misty mornings and the changing leaves bringing colour to your garden to nights in by the fire (or the telly) and the smell of pumpkin spiced lattes.

2. Go to bed earlier   When the nights start drawing in, it may be a good idea to turn in a little earlier than you did during the summer. The darker evenings may help make you feel more ready for bed, so take advantage of them and make sure you’re getting as much sleep as you need.

If you’re having problems sleeping well, ask your pharmacist for advice about changes you could make that may help, such as avoiding big meals close to bedtime and cutting off your caffeine supply earlier in the day.

3. Start a new project   Summer’s lazy days are over for another year. But autumn can be an exciting time if you direct your energy into something new – a new hobby, for instance. This may be a good opportunity to start a new sport or fitness activity, to help you shed any excess summer holiday weight.

4. Get out and about   Now’s a great time for taking long walks or going on long bike rides – you won’t have to worry about frying in the sun and it’s too early for frosty winds, snow and ice. Plus staying active can help put you in a positive frame of mind, as exercise is thought to boost your production of ‘feel-good’ hormones called endorphins.

5. Eat good mood foods   It’s natural to want to eat stodgier foods when it starts getting colder outside rather than survive on the healthy salads you ate during the summer. But many experts believe what you eat can have a positive effect on your mood, so to keep that summer feeling eat lots of colourful fruit and veg – at least five portions a day – have some protein with every meal and drink plenty of hydrating fluids to counteract the dry air indoors when you switch your central heating on.

Your local Careway pharmacist has lots more advice on keeping your spirits up when the seasons change. Find your nearest pharmacy by using our Pharmacy Finder.