Five fresh foot rules

It’s no fun if you suffer from smelly feet, especially during the summer months. Medically known as bromodosis, smelly feet is something that can affect anyone of any age. But according to the NHS, teenagers and pregnant women are more susceptible, as hormonal changes can make you sweat more than usual.

So why are feet affected more than other parts of your body? The simple answer is that your feet have more sweat glands than anywhere else. Wearing the same shoes day after day doesn’t help either, because the sweat soaks in – which creates a breeding ground for foul odour-producing bacteria – and your shoes don’t have chance to dry out before you put them on again.

Thankfully there are things you can do to keep your feet fresh, including these five basic rules:

  1. Wash your feet at least once every day using an antibacterial soap and a scrubbing brush or foot brush. Ask your pharmacist to recommend a soap product that would be best for you. Dry them thoroughly and treat any areas of hard skin by using a foot file.
  1. Change your socks at least once a day too, and avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Choose cotton socks in the summer and woollen socks in the winter, and avoid shoes made from synthetic materials.
  1. Use medicated or deodorising insoles inside your shoes (alternatively spray the insides of your shoes with a deodorising shoe spray) and use a special foot odour spray or simply use your normal underarm deodorant or anti-perspirant on your feet. Again, your pharmacist can help you choose the most effective product.
  1. Dip some cotton wool in surgical spirit and dab it on your feet every night after cleaning them – this will help to dry out the skin. However, take care not to put surgical spirit on any areas of your feet that have cracked skin.
  1. Wear shoes that fit you properly – avoid pairs that are too tight and don’t allow your feet to breathe. During warmer weather try to wear open-toed sandals as often as possible, and go barefoot when you’re at home if it’s safe to do so.

Your local pharmacy stocks a range of effective products designed for foot problems, including foot odour. Find your nearest Careway pharmacy by using our Pharmacy Finder