Don’t let stress spoil your summer holiday

Going on holiday is, for many people, the best opportunity to relax and get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. But these days, many of us find it difficult to switch off, even when we’re thousands of miles away from home.

Numerous surveys suggest lots of people can’t resist the urge to check work emails during their annual break. But if that sounds like you, chances are you’ll come home even more frazzled than when you left.

Thankfully, Andy Magill – a wellness coach at VitalityHealth – is on hand to offer tips on how to de-stress successfully while you’re away this summer. Here’s what he recommends:

Have a lie in One of the delights of going on holiday is the luxury of not having to turn over bleary eyed at 7am every morning to turn off your alarm, says Andy. Catching up on much-needed sleep is up there as one of the best remedies for combatting stress and relaxing while you’re off. In fact, getting in good sleeping habits when you’re away can help you to be more productive when you’re home.

Data from the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace study by VitalityHealth suggests that the optimal level of sleep is between seven and eight hours a night. People who sleep less than this lose nearly four additional days of productive time each year, which can be traced directly back to their lack of sleep.

Go for a walk A holiday presents the perfect opportunity to dodge the monotony of stuffy public transport and to shake off the lethargy of the Monday – Friday 9 – 5 grind. A great way to take in the sights and catch the tourist hotspots is to put on your walking shoes on and stroll around as much as possible.

Not only does this small amount of physical activity do wonders for your health through reducing your stress levels and increasing your step count, but you never know what secret spot you may stumble upon that you would have otherwise missed if you were on a bus.

Eat well Many see a holiday as an opportunity to get out of the routine of eating the same old lunchtime sarnies. However it’s important that you don’t find yourself over-indulging when abroad. Rather, you should see a holiday as an opportunity to try something different that you could introduce into your diet back home.

For instance, many studies cite a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, beans, legumes and fish as a sure fire way to lead a healthier – and consequently happier – life.

Go for a swim If you’re in a resort or area that’s near a pool or the sea, then why not take the time to go for a morning swim? It’s a great way to de-stress and relax for the rest of the day.

Swimming is great as water is 12 times as dense as air – so it’s a far more effective way of toning your muscles than any other form of cardiovascular exercise that you can do on land. It can also be very relaxing when done at a slow pace, and can help you unwind after a hectic year in the office.

Finally, switch off…literally Constant connectivity to mobile devices has become one of the typical attributes of the modern day office environment, and many find themselves checking emails even when lying on the beach. One of the best possible ways to de-stress when on holiday is to turn off your work mobile, switch your mind off completely from what is going on back home, relax and enjoy the warm weather.

Meanwhile, don’t let a minor health problem spoil your fun while you’re away on holiday. Be prepared by taking essential health products with you – your local Careway pharmacist can supply everything you need, including sun protection, holiday first-aid items and remedies for headaches and upset stomachs.

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