Are you ready for summer skin?

During the summer months, it’s likely that more of your skin will be on show than at other times of the year. And that means giving your skin the care it needs more than ever.

Most of us may also find our skin has different requirements during the warmer weather.

For instance, you may find your skin doesn’t absorb the creamy moisturiser that kept it hydrated during the winter now that summer’s here. If that’s the case, switching to a lighter lotion that provides hydration without overloading your skin can help (look for an oil-free product if your skin tends to be oilier than usual in summer).

As well as making the application of a good-quality sun protection cream (SPF15 minimum) part of your daily skincare routine, it’s also important to use a good cleanser – one that suits your skin type – during the summer months too. This can keep your skin clean and help prevent the blocked pores and breakouts that can happen when you perspire more than usual during hot weather. And of course don’t forget to use a toner to remove any remaining traces of your cleanser.

It’s also a good idea to get rid of all those dead skin cells – not just the ones on your face but your body too. When these dead cells start to mount up in your skin, they can make it look dull and stop your skincare products from working effectively. Try a home-made scrub by mixing a handful of salt or sugar granules and some olive oil to form a paste, then work into your skin once a week when you shower (you can use this scrub on your body and your face, just be much more gentle with your facial skin).

If, however, you’re affected by facial and/or body breakouts – which again can be aggravated in the summer when you perspire – ask your local Careway pharmacist about anti-acne products containing ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which help to kill bacteria and keep your pores clear.

Skin analysis

Meanwhile, if you’re not sure which products and treatments your skin needs, why not have it analysed? Some Careway pharmacies offer skin analysis consultations that can help you to learn more about your skin, including details about its hydration level, pH, elasticity, keratin, sebum (oil) and pores. By learning more about your skin you can make a more informed decision about which skincare products suit you best, so that your skin can be as healthy as possible.

Your pharmacist will carry out the test and offer advice on how to manage any problems the results may reveal, including offering tips on which products you should use. Indeed, it’s a good idea to have your skin analysed twice a year – once in the summer and once in the winter – so that you can adapt your skincare routine according to changes in your skin caused by warmer and colder weather.

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