How your pharmacist can help you become healthier in 2017

If you’re looking for ways to become healthier this year, the one simple resolution you should seriously consider is to make more use of your local Careway pharmacy. Why? Because your local pharmacist has everything you need, from lifestyle advice and support to health tests and checks, as well as help with your medicines.

Not only is your local pharmacy the ideal place to buy day-to-day health and beauty essentials and get your prescription, it’s also where you can get tons of information on health and medicines – all without an appointment.

Here’s a quick guide to just some of the ways your pharmacist can help make 2017 your healthiest yet:

Help with giving up smoking Your local Careway pharmacist can give you plenty of advice on quitting if you’ve decided to take the plunge this year. They can also provide you with stop-smoking aids called nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products that may help with your nicotine cravings. Some pharmacies offer stop smoking services too, including tailor-made programmes to improve your chances of giving up.

Help with losing weight If your resolution is to drop a dress size (or two), ask your Careway pharmacist for advice on healthy eating and other lifestyle measures such as how to stay active. A growing number of pharmacies also offer weight management services, where you may have your weight and body mass index checked on a regular basis.

Help with minor ailments From coughs, colds and sore throats to skin problems, cuts, bruises, sprains and strains – and many more things in between – your local pharmacist has everything you need to cope with minor illnesses. And the best part is, most pharmacies are open throughout the day, six days a week – plus you won’t have to make an appointment. Your pharmacy can also help keep you well during flu season, as many offer NHS and/or private flu vaccinations.

Help with asthma and allergies Many people take medicines to keep asthma and other allergies – hay fever, for instance – under control. If you’re one of them, your pharmacist is ideally placed to help you get the most out of your asthma and allergy medicines, as well as offer advice on avoiding things that trigger your symptoms. Some pharmacies also offer allergy screening services if you suspect you have an allergy but you’re not sure what you’re allergic to.

Help with keeping your heart healthy As well as offering loads of lifestyle advice to keep your ticker in good shape, many pharmacies also provide blood pressure, cholesterol and other tests (including blood glucose testing to determine your risk of diabetes) to help you keep a check on how well you’re doing.

Help with your sexual health Need advice on contraception or the morning-after pill? Your local Careway pharmacist is always on hand to listen to your concerns and offer advice, while some also offer chlamydia screening if you think you may have this common sexually transmitted infection.

Help with using your medicines If you take one or more prescription medicines, there are several ways your pharmacist can help you get the best out of them and answer any questions you may have on how best to take them – just ask today.

You can also pick up a free copy of All About Health magazine at your local Careway pharmacy, where you can read lots more about how your pharmacist can help keep you healthy. Find your nearest Careway pharmacy by using our Pharmacy Finder.