How to survive the Euros

During Men’s Health Week 2016, experts are turning their attention to the subject of men and stress – which is a handy coincidence, given that the awareness week runs at the same time as the start of the Euro 2016 football tournament (a potential source of great stress, depending on how well your team plays).

According to the Men’s Health Forum, stress can turn into something more serious – which may explain why one in four men develops a mental health problem each year in the UK. And that, says the Men’s Health Forum, is about the same odds of France or Germany winning the title.

To help keep the nation’s football fans calm, the Men’s Health Forum has come up with some advice on surviving Euro 2016. Here are some of the highlights:

Stay active Too much time spent sitting in front of the TV isn’t good for you, even if you jump out of your seat each time your team scores a goal (depending on your team, that might not be too often…). So get up and stretch your legs during half time, then go for a longer walk when the match is over.
Join the chanting Know your football chants? Singing helps get you breathing properly and boosts your mood – it’s like a mini work-out for your lungs.
Be smart about drinking Where there’s football there can also be alcohol. But try to pace yourself and never drink on an empty stomach. Try to have the odd soft drink or glass of water between beers, and drink plenty of water before going to bed and in the morning. Also try to give your liver a few days off (at least 48 hours).
Avoid double deep-fried fat balls Prepare your own food or order what you need before the game starts – this may help stop you snacking on pies, burgers, kebabs and other traditional footie foods (though if you do want a burger, avoid the added cheese and creamy dressings and have it with a salad and a little relish in a wholemeal bun).
Let it all out If your team looks as if it’s heading home early, don’t bottle your feelings up. Talk about it with someone who understands what you’re going through – you’ll feel less stressed about things afterwards.
Watch out for those penalty shoot-outs According to the Men’s Health Forum, male hospital admissions for heart attacks increased by 25 percent on the day England lost to Argentina on penalties in 1998. So if the inevitable happens again, don’t drink or eat too much, don’t hold your breath and just assume the players will miss and you’ll lose – then you can be pleasantly surprised if they don’t.
Find out more about what’s happening during Men’s Health Week at the Men’s Health Forum website.

If you find your stress levels escalating during the Euros, your local Careway pharmacist can offer you advice about techniques you could use for bringing them back down to normal, and recommend some gentle over-the-counter remedies that may help too.

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