Keep asthma at bay this summer

With Breathe Easy Week starting on June 16, here’s a look at how the weather at this time of year can affect people who have asthma


How to survive hay fever season

According to the NHS, hay fever affects up to one in five people at some point in their life. Here’s our seven-step guide to what you need to know if you’re affected


What do you need to know about hay fever and allergy

Pharmacist Arif Vardalia from Coyle Chemist in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, has the answers to common questions about keeping the symptoms of hay fever and other forms of allergic rhinitis under control


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What you need to know about indoor allergies

According to the NHS, an estimated 10-20 percent of people in this country have symptoms of an indoor allergy. Pharmacist Sobha Sharma-Kandel of Neem Tree Pharmacy in Abbey Wood and Woolwich Late Night Pharmacy, London answers the most frequently asked questions about coping with indoor allergies this winter.


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Food Allergy Self-Assessment

Use this tool to find out if you may have an allergy or intolerance to food.

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Rhinolast Allergy

Perfect for combating troublesome sniffles at school, Rhinolast Allergy 5ml is a fast working, pocket sized, steroid-free daily nasal spray available over the counter for hay fever sufferers.


Clarityn allergy 1mg/ml syrup (70ml)

Rainy weather set to make the pollen count soar

We Brits love to complain about the weather, and lately we’ve certainly had more to moan about than usual. But if you’re a hayfever sufferer you may have welcomed the current rainy spell.


itch, sneeze, wheeze

If you're looking forward to the warmer months, spare a thought for those who have allergies. With National Allergy Week running from April 23-29 this year, we investigate how to manage the health hazards that can make summer a thoroughly miserable time for allergy sufferers.


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Think you’ve got an allergy? Get it tested at your local pharmacy

As pollen counts creep into the weather forecast, this week I decided to turn my attention to hay fever and the pharmacyís allergy testing service.